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tv   Full Measure With Sharyl Attkisson  NBC  February 14, 2016 9:00am-9:30am PST

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ex istremtat at cks. cu se irityils stghl hipa in ris awith grmedn unmeheon tee strts ei tffel.ower ho icrrifht nigam beceie thr and like many americans, life may never be the same. ot scumt thouan fhend tnc freh ar sce diinoverneg a suw rendlt a tr pasmioti. -- resuveol p andotatriism. t:scotis parve, nomber 2 13,015, sothe oundscif a ndty uer rr teroor g tups,tiargeng pa anrisi rs atm ando c-- aedrowd th r,eateke pacfed cads an aurests,rantaj a mocor scer h.matc 0 13, deadarne 4ly i00urnj. ed a and onnatit tha sonceveurvid th cue oconpatiar of wmiesowas n de untar aty ck bw a ney,enem in is the, cas t onedihat dn'wet ar if un aormsrond ps misetrto sike n.agai hi>> t ps is aaris'nd im an am aneric. sc tott:omhe r oancerif pas isn'jut pst actrodu of ywholl iood,t'hes in irenten th ci ty'ics monicenonumndts a urpicte esqus cafeap-- cd turein
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y joifof le. t bue threhsmonter late, th at shd teres glasl stils sendan om s inouagmess te --thhat e ll bupiets d erce lboth aivesnd wathe ly ofg -- w thef ay t ofirhe fhost sg,otinro patns no t w si awithef caryeul e, wa alleys as rt ahato wt'ous arnd em th. he>> t t big nhings ow ithat ey th s areinhootopg pen le ithe st s sc t:otuc lor m oahs wnisth wndowntoes rantaurt. he>> tasre wic bas nallyyobod oranym te ineshe rantaursots, adwe h t, innihe i dtialays af wter,d e hathsomeliing ke tw eto, b tweenndwo a p sixeeopl a inenn evtoing e haverdinn, so asit wll reapty emy. t:scot a twoixnd spl peouse, jt fo nnr di? er y>>.es
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t buayto s it'bas o ck t iwhatt wa ios pr tr totthe a wacksould me oran mane tht jusinfillg se ats. ouit weald mlen a ofvel fo comrt th s at i thardmeo co by. aheree t thclbatathan, arere e pl oentyysf ph ricaldeeminfrs o at whpe hap--ned b thetulle le hohes, tri bars,cade f theresh uebouqf ts oerflowuts, b it's ywhatonou d'e t seha-- tt in blvisixie an--ety t thasfolk re he h sayheas tt mosctimpa. wh igat mapht hthpen xte ne, day at whht migju be rost athund e ne orxt c aner,hand t wt ishehy t en frrech a a nowtidmitheng ty ha o ve t wlivewhith heat ty ca "tll, ewhe nma norl." ithise s thgemana tr ofrahe gnd ho tel. ec>> b iauset'kes liry eve day opyou ouen y ar tvhend tlly te yo ybu mau'e yoreng goidi to e y,todabe may' youreng goidi to e y,toda t andhat's rrteleiban, d th i think ste beng thino is t to ow kn. t:scotso in esme rs,pecty the kndid omow sngethie elsswa go toing pe hapten afer th ispubl oherse f thrisatical pa "cper ieharldo hebre" we ettargn ed iada dettly ajuack st m 10s onthrebefo. e >> w tknew"chat ieharldo heb" a was ettarg a, soast leert the s waxpan etilanaon. it a was s big, hockwibut nth a pl exioanatn. er th'e its heanotorr sty. ' its pjuste eoplg goininout to stthe s reetshand ngooti ev oderyby. it'pus adre bk lucouif y are th ere.
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ig , noreciespe aallymong istourwhts, w o nollstro by iesolditrs winh mititidang ha rerdwath on waeir y to an frce'mos amst fsious .ghts y >>eeou sic polthe wi t allhe agunst'nd is okindarf scy. i >>d kinxpof ed ecteit, ow knwhing adat hpe hap bned,ut it'qus coite ntnfrojuing st ei i usnot o ed tit. i >> t wasinhinkt g noomto ce to s parithfor eaat r ison, was th nginkith, i itink 'tts beer to ju oump c tntryanhat ntd coinue ou trr elav gs tonyerma. sc iott: sf its oundlifamioar t us e , ontipoliancal t alyssays hoit suld. i >>rmn te ss of otatendf mi as pua poonlati a, weusre jket li e thicameropan pioulatstn ju te af11r 9/. in t, fact' thas wwhatvee ha and iwhatn meahaby t wt ise e arin st a ofate e pursiand mple ps siychoe s, winare ta a sfte o
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ot scust: j at asf ll oicamera vi rea ved nsse pe of iridedn ol or gld y anemanthres weg sunwith wereneotd em fion,e rancis fe g elintoit, o. 0-a 60-oyearotld madto me a me co hback "ere,tuflucecat n rgmeurit--" os td,seut bot n nksuli, akehi sbap edttern i ro seugh as. t >>ache m rhine hight were,hich p isinrintagg flass, wki worng al ghl nid t andaall d y anngduri l alwethe ek. sc eott:qunzo m onia tsaysunhe r on tcohis y'untrs cotri- wlorsas un enprected. zo enop: peeele frel mo co tamforbeble e,causor befee th ev , entsasit woc assd iatewith ex e tremmemove pnts,icolital memove ants,t nd ibawas end se vi ha fng ah renc iflagrn ou us hoe. inshowflg a s ag iannow o actf go aging t ainstethe isrrorts. sedenith: i itink p wasblrobay sathe ayme wem i rr embeg gointo w ne ayork aboutr year lateand
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ge to.ther in ra fe,nchi tiss i , elfehi ts, to io --l fee athat o lotef th en frrech ain comgeg to.ther ot scent: dprise t uvosnis a er amliica ivingrin pao,s wh th wi f hery,amils runnta deal pr ceacti. de : niseeimy nrsghboe werall intalk mg toe. lepeope werintalkg. arin pthis, oeat dsn'hat .ppen ot sco t: se thera was e sensof uncommthity idat dn'ist ext be ? fore de : niseroa stenng sfse o co itmmuny. t:scot t buty o sa sthatowomeh is thge surso in rilidas ty iseen fas aouix we ld bevdeciing one'ses lf. e >> w thavearo le ln towiive th th rre tem.oris ini the k thgeold tinerathon, ey d diknnot erow tstroris. geour tineraf on o21the st ce y,nturha we o ve tn learnglivi th wi t therierrosts. t >> amothe , mentanwe chanot ve prany thoof heat tbl prosem i lv sonded ahi i tt'nk is not edsolvwa anyy. t so it mighenhappin aga. it ht migpe hapain ag fn ine,ranc t buknyou t ow ihamay ippenn ot coher ieuntroos, t e, ineurop e orinven u the.s. t:scotch whi p hascerodud an r otherisobeimng sriiliaoty t e th-9postun/11 siteds.tate >> t jus ilikee n thedunit at stftes a/1er 9e 1, w ahave big
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nsagaie t thimmuslul popn.atio i't m nongsayit thaicamerans be -camel - alheof tm -- an usti-m alim,arnti-ab lapopu, tionsobut f me o,them osomeemf than begfe to erel vy ngstrore hataid agthnst arat pt of p theatopul ion. h wethave mee sabl proem. ot scout: y'eere sthing erat he w norain fnce? y >> ceah,lylear. cl y.earl ot scndt: ale whih suctireacon ul woved han beectexpemoed ang me so nioatinns, nc frahie, ts pe tyta of aslk hg lonbeen o.tabo i >>waf i tntedkeo ma a rcsatiasjoc , kewoi d uly sathat smracith is w e nek,blac cabasilly. si bacic raenst tiedencds an me sog thin 2like 10 orar5 yes o agngsayit, tha w you houldeav en beke sacomd fr g thenmoverent ju hest ty ver dsameay. to yday,ecou bprome ime stminier. sc hott:erarshs lawlasimir to e thiopatrt,t acic strboter rder ec chanks, e d thuiubiq stoushow
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ne a riw pas. mwithesosquer unde morhfwatcul aeyeshend tre glaoms frin behd pl glate byass l noweery ri pas sian mmakewoany inderf th itis clly wir evernretu to it ors stk ybooinsettg. i >>nk thiwi it etll rtourn no brmalt ut i twilltiake me. ot scutt: bis parpr is lyobab wa aloiys go ng t tbe at?arge >> ba pro pbly,blrobay. ot scndt: a a theksttacpa in ris hamay usve jent bere a dss arrehesal. rdaccotoing nc fredih mea re s portinquotteg inenlligce of alfici01s, 2s 5 wainnothdg an e thorterr aistsovre mtoing ward roa eu 9pean w/11,atith s tackon th mee sa i dayffn diteren un cos.trie ot sccot:acg rdinreto fmench dia rtrepoots quining igtell wencearhat eye thng goido to ou ab?t it ar shpeyl: opleay sy thenoare t do ening .ough sp dethite cee rettnt a,acks er three wefi no s ringor re atsign iionse n thenfrch intelligence srcoundes at thais y whe therowis nac a lk of nfcoenid.ce sh ylaral: rently itieresng. ksthanmu so scch, thott .uman ah onead ll "fusu mea--re"
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south carolina ahead, the po calitimpl cas aign iheadanto ol whw e nee.phas ' wellk tal twitholwo palitic ki kengmabors ahaut wket ma16s 20 ffdienert.
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arshthyl: mae reginin idpresalentidi cans datehave chlaunroed fw m neshhamptoire e th pnexts rizeheon tpa camign l traiev-- nanada utd soh ca naroli. as f the nieldwsarroe, th mp cas aignthand speir ngendi ll wiom becree morc fiede an cu fosed.
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is thct eleyeion ilar wvol inlve iobillf ns oardolld s an nsomeew po calitictl taics. wlast keek,akingmfrers otom bh tipolipacal s,rtieub repnlica rl kae rovdeand atmocr jim me a,ssinea apptored ergeth and tgave vheir oiewsatn wh's erdiffabent e out thac2016 re. rlka t: ondehe isf oar mitch, s wad a bafoday r cr aesaitand g is toing ao bett pred y baday r foidcand.ates ar shkayl: ovrl rs e waitarchect heof t s twossucceful idpresalentipa cam oignsorf gege cr co el ngstro b jebsuush tepporr. ji ssm meisina y theo in t'roves ya .ng ji pm:sirentdeba oaima s md toe in 2 thepr012 enesid rtialace, "a si preiadentmpl ca iaigns an y x-raouof yulr so." sh : arylinmessd a leckbarama oba t toucwo sfucessesl prtiidenal orvicts ied anadheths sue rpe prpac tiiorisaes uio acthin, wch orsuppilts h claryonlint. thtogether, o e twesreprteent ns of li milofons er sup pac fu randinisdog arllfrs om di inalvidupes, s icialesnterts, d anorcorpnsatio. e thy moneseis u sd tortuppo
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ne opponts. be aforeec rtoent hwnall de tebae , thlipol tica satfoes tdownlko tait pols icd annemoy. rs fihet, tlu inf oencecif soal onmedia 201 thees6 pralidenti ca gnmpai. ji 'm: you svean aeen utbsole ex n plosioiain socdia l meand th ite way s 'ged chanaicampgns. kn you juow, i an ast rpa camign r foimthe prste minif er othe it unined k. gdom onwe w apr surg isinrimajondty a r ouserecharho sd we tat ehend ci soedal masia wim 7 tores me feefivctthe tandiraontial ctdirel, maiis televion, yt an elshinge. and oeit gnes to oy theornd-- a rl a ka and ih re bot tseeinghis the insi prel dentia araces,s ll - weop- pe gle are settingo ch i mumanforsotion, ne much ws -- g youaruys vee co tringhese mpcagnaiubs uiiqusto tlytha people start to look at their fr ndieans fad lymio tlphehe tm gufi ore wutt ha dtoino he tse rt so ds ofioecisns. pr enesidamt obn a, i, 2012mebeca e tht firsmbincuprent enesidt to wi man a tyjorith of dee undcide vo iterse n thl finadatwo ys nc sixoe ni 1n in 972.
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ey m th toveda o obam fin theinal daystwo % , 86m of thesaid use becarimy fndends a family ed ttalk ao mehebout tig campan d anidwe dt moshaof tt on alsociia med. atsnapchnow is ernumbit one wh ung yoicamerans. snap dchatidn't t exisngduri the o2012 cbamaigampan. itand 'w s noernumb. one an id sonk thit whayou'll co uentinse to te islahe pmstfor ll witi contonue ng chae. whbut onat w'ant chs ge ilepeop ge g ttinedinvoh witerleads ey th b canveelie in. thand mpe cas aignarwho lee ab to so contelidat thahaand ve a me e ssaga and onvisi t forhis co y untro will dly wrealonell ci soiaal med. d anonthe hoes wn' aret and do n'n't wot. rl kaes: the e ars tool athatre mo ucst sfucessuslly ed in incombn atiothwith ohier tngs. it'ans nu avet'e, is innot end go al. thand oaat g tl istuo reorn t 44 18en, whou a yawng linyer masagant coully, is inoie wrota le ttters o hiaicampomgn ceemitt d an, saide "makrfa peliect st otof v hers,thave dee undcide edtalkby to eo somelne hd in nf coceidend , anleon en ctioday,
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ghbrou tt toolhe pls." haabrancm liwaoln ets prooty gd ac prl ticatipoli, cianelas wl as a idpres aent,hend tor imptant po waint avs "he e thciundededs ed talkby s to neomeoho they ld c indenconfiwhe," wich ishat al sociia a meds llowdous to in we a poly brful froad. ashion facjim:ooebwoulk d have saved [lau r]ghte : karlghthou i'nom ret suha he d gh[lauter] arshroyl: ndve asi meslsna ao esaddrthsed e delegates game. mesota ss teear nnwi-teresakll-a. bu unt der this year's republican parurty mles,store aatesre li spg ttingadeletes op pronorti, allyh whicd coulmake a for dlateioecis tn onhe no e.mine : karle we havmoa lot tatere ss at th g arewaonna aheirrd t lega deprtes tioporlyonal and th eais mhens tte cons,st imy in ioopin wn --e'onre gona g lo , ngerabprobllly a w theoay t th nve coonenti.
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e thenconv wtion be gotoack olthe yld st we ofvee ha 7 ck ba droom aealsadre mnde, a te afe r tht firsecor sond in i th'k we greo oing tthe nv co wentionsoith dymebo h whoas ho -- ws 'heon te edgof a trfronanunner ind i therek th ll b winse coioolidatndn behi it. t bu gwe mayhe fo, t tirstime ba llot. d e ole style of w 7have nd caesidat n allatomined, r aftefithe orrst on secd ba , llot atheyroll dt.p ou th i weink 'oire go ng tthe blrepus icanntpotey.iall in 8, 200re the l wasofots ty par de elalrs t aking hboutadow b it thwas baat ondma ant clienon wt to v theenery d d anhow icdiffitult ld coufo be rr ou ne geelral onectinc chaes. thand h e trut ois theiteppos uewas tr. nd we ecaed up gninmpai ag inll tate50 s ts inmahe priry. b werguilt oioanizaten, w fi ougured o t whgothe od vo eelutnrers a b, we builtrette data. enwe wtot in g thealenerin agast mc icainmun a trch sronge si po, tion tso i khinkarl's t.righ : wekarl'ngre goi t to goghhrou anso misy tw tts and andurns ra gys tion ithatt'nns gokea ma a usizll dy zy btithe e me wget to i theofdes ch mar. [a lappe]us arshanyl: atd whut abohe tmp tru ?factor ro ays ve sp'trumses lacond pce sh finiwa in io tel was.ling ka he trl: hthougul the res di dn'apt toply . him h sosse diheed tt lastedeba. he b wasthigger t nhe diduildot bro a gmeund ga
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a. iow ijim:'aive sbld pu iiclyult wod mmakefey li itimeef th pu reanblciuls womid nonate lddonamp tru. i' dllwho evat ieran co tlphe. th ouat we ld b otrued f te,cruz too. itve at . me h enougive to gonus dald tr anump thd i heink 'onll cetinu to k sinhein t, pollsonebut wething ve'n see iso fars pr untaedictybili a andf ll ous, oboth wf us'ouldveug thoeht h ul woved han bee bgonew.y no ylsharen: whed aska if nd cae idatgecan ect elted th without cke baofing up a ser pa otc, bn h me, saidno. ro ndve asi mesppna ad eareat a wn tol haltedebat thai mo tedera sd inotarasloa, frida ento b tefitinhe rg glinegcolle li y brarciasson.atio stahill onead ll "fusu mea--re" es prt idena obamvedeliisrs h st lage bud ct toesongrs. m hee ay bmea lak ducngtryi to la fiy a lscaly.egac
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in wtoithat ea m fns yorou ylshar t: onayuesdes, prtiden am obbma sud itteeihis , ghthand , lastetbudgpo protosal ng co.ress $il1 tr, lionit'ths e la t rgesisof hin admatistrorion y anatto de. blrepus icanonin cs,gresch whi nt co trolsurhe p sseintr, gsveha al adredey arcl ieddet nad o vaarril. " weowfoll m the" oneyeeto s y. wh es pram. obhea: trese apo prosals re teflec td inudhe bthget at wo orrk fan us t d nonsagai. t us dhit a teressto lar' yeas pa bianrtisge budret agt,emen it
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clinesud smart savings on thheal, caregrimmin,atio t andax re .form ylsharen: evh witthe idpresent'"ss smartgsavinis," h na fienl sp pdingwolan druld ive t upebhe domt fr c thenturre $19 tr onilli$2 to tr7.4 onillir ove nethe dxtadec e. that'acs incord tg toffhe oice m ofemanaganent dgd buet. wi isth hpo pro psal,deresint ob wiama eall lffve ohaice ving ne prver edoposud a bthget at la ba. nces so f me onethe enw sp idingen th co re4.rd $il1 tr plionlan cl in -udes- $7 il.5 b flionheor tta pentogon fi isght - is -% a 50eaincrse er ov c thenturrege budt, $1 il.8 b tliongho fiet th sq mo-suitod prea vzika,irus 2. $1ll2 bifoion odr fo aid og pr,rams d anil$4 b tlionpao exnd co ermputen sciroce ps gramin ho sc ols. bu e t thblrepu-cicanolontrled ng co hresslras a meadyitade ea cl'r its plnot nganniwr to ite eca ch ck to toverrehe pntside's sp ngendin. pla
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" itoga privressnue maoral f ingrowe g thrafedevel gontrnme." easpker ryan: the way we hold the obama administration accountable is controlling their budget. and that's why having the power of the purse and a functioning prapriopioat pnscero sssveers atthoa g l. an thd 'atwhs y i'm confident we'll figure this out. sharyl: on the income side, the bu cdgetlsalor f eliminating tax breaks for the wealthyim, sipong w neesfen oe thrglat esnkbas an, $1d a ba0 a trrelnax o cr oiude l. overall, the budget would increase taxesy b.6$2ll triion toveromhe cdeing , cade aevens d its riveheup tt, deb m howuch th s.e u.s, oweco as d untehein t nu.s.naatiobtl deck clo bs weite. a itdrlso uivese p thrafedel fi de hcit,ucow mreh mo u the.s. s isinpendang thac it lytual ha s. pu reanblics wbeill ea relsing ei thn r owetbudgth in mie cong weeks.
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ylshare : th nu.s.isavy pr ngessi s new ihipsdunto ty. er the'e s thlynear b $13onilli s usldgerafo r. a rd, clnew ass irof at crafiecarrhir, woech gs in erto s tvicesphis .ring thand ame dr latich auncheof t ne s w usx siou tcityeewo wks o. ag th boim claha to heve tes latt ch tegynolo t foravhe ny'obs glal enpresf ce o ilatee n thitstra of mu hor tz inidhe m aeastnd eaincrlysingth in ute soinh cha sea. t buotwe n oicedhine thang tt ha sn'cht d angea for half urcent sy -- ghips so toea
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so as we a ked qufew onestids an me e t onwhman tro inedoducto us ssome ohipsdif a enfferlot cor. ajim:yos a boung hy, iad a po fsterworom warld e r onthat hu n ng iedmy b aroomt nd iedshow sta der royengcomith to sce reue of er a mt chan ashiphend t rodestwayer ins paorted aangend bl ndue ainll kf ds oerdiffent rscolo i andug tho"tht, ishis r soulidic--ous y thedwoul ve neinr paipt shkes lit. tha" sh : arylthbut at'exs y actlwhat dtheyid. m jiunbriss he tir dtoecofr he t na onti maleuusofm he t.s una. vy winhiastong dn,.c. he el t tls sherytof oe tht arof wa r. in er ordev to thade rme gean atu-bohes, t. u.sbrand hitis
9:24 am
sk chetad pofs ic psoasnd ahe t stcubiids, hthing sheir inips ai plghn si wt --paith int. yjim:anou c'sgt di auisep shi t onighe hash se', its po imlessibdi to sesgui it. seyou oe ite n thzohorit'n, is vi giffng oke smoey, th are inburnalg co. yo n'u cat uidisghese toum, y n' cat ralitecally lamoufhege tm, bu att wh c youo an disis dtort stcubiids, hthing sheir inips ai plghn si wt --paith int. athemhand tt'ats wh a thendrt a ie scofnce zl razzze das le iall t,abouck trithing e.e ey sh ylarth: bre s itllca iedt "d zlaz" e,e theramanic"rs zlaze da ."zzle b onsioth ofdes a thetitlanc, twthe vio naraes trmnsfoed th ndousa ss of ihipsflnto ngoati wo ofrks . art li heke t o rmsiclympbr, a itish lu lxury cinerrtonvented io a p troo tshipano trtspor er ams icanheto tnt froes lin. jioum: y c canlylear t seehe cu rvepe shaic, whkeh ma ls itook litke is ia wave. e thioportatn thld wou be tegrean st isuthe nn isow pa d intelain bck. memahot. ji y m: bg usind vivierpattndns a d vivirscolou , yok breathe e imagheto tnt poire whe you do knn't heow w ytherreou a inlook tg atache book, l akingt frthe oont,w r hothbig tue acal
9:25 am
ordisttoted . you ylshare : thzl"razzze daled" ip shres wenn stu ing. on see ob arvere t th ctimedalle em thfl "a ofock -g seaoing ereasts. egg" ji rtm: acaisti tlly,, o methey phare enenom ballyifeautul. phphosceoresrent g vens,ivid an or bges,t righowyellurs, pple, re ird, fgie enedne r. it al is lmostpsike deychelic art. tinhear e90ly 10s. uli woved lose to ise thp shiin ho -tnestd o-golocor. 'itsos ra dtimac. ylsharzz: raazle d azlesedrriv ef rtfo. 1by7,91ri bshtior me alswa si innkasg as fast ts ihi sps, with german u-boats torpedoing e ont ou eofryveou fver elsss sicrosheng tan atltic. m: jis thi wis a worldi ar iera pe opriscute, b' youreic basally mi litoted ie a v pwinglorta th at'ths igis b. ylsharci: faigng zs zagand st dingortior colhes, toa u-bt aicapttrns sedugglta to rget ei thrpr tos.edoe
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9:30 am
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